Important request, And an issue!


Is there any chance to disable the recording for our stream service?

We always have an issue when the connection lost from the streaming software to CF or we reconnect the stream says it’s connected but the stream now showing even not on the main page on the CF live source. all that because the storage it full, and even when we delete the Big file we don’t need. we have to wait for a couple of minutes till we can see our stream live on the main page of the CF stream!

As we streaming 24/7 online and on smart TV, it’s really a big issue for our viewer when the signal stopped.

Any chance you guys can disable this recording headache?

Account ID: 50a80de46fc974a41f2136c597006c5b


Hi @Syd2Day,

Have you looked into enabling scheduled deletion for Stream? Please reference

Thanks Bujangnim for your reply.

But, I know this option and it’s really useless!, because the minimum days are 30!, so there is no point of this option if are streaming 24/7. when the stream stopped then we have to wait a minimum 30 days to able to stream again! because the file is too big and the storage is full!

They should have a separate option for Recording and Live playing, not both of them in one button.

I believe it’s an easy edit for the developers, as me and many been waiting for this option.