Important Questions as a noob

Hello, I have questions that were relayed to me to ask as the account holder. I am not sure where to address this as CloudFlare does not have phone support. Here are my questions:

  1. How do I set an A record to redirect to another IP/Webhost
  2. Do you recommend a subdomain as the root directory for installation on my primary website
  3. Can I do the same for an MX record so my other webhost can manage my email
  4. Will the SSL with CloudFlare be covered on both webhosts

If I am to ask these questions somewhere else, please let me know. Thank you!

Hi @jonathanweinstein659,

You manage your DNS records in the DNS section of your dashboard. This should help with adding an A record.
–> Adding DNS Records

If you setup Cloudflare via a partners they may have requirements for subdomain usage, however if you configured Cloudflare directly with a full DNS setup, there is no requirement.

You can point your MX record(s) wherever you like for mail delivery.

Cloudflare’s Universal SSL will cover the root domain and all first level subdomains. As long as you have a certificate on your server and your SSL/TLS mode set correctly to Full (strict), you should be OK.

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