Important information about relation between dns chance and seo

First sorry for my english speaking.

I was plan to switch my godaddy dns to cloudflare. Everything ok, i did the procedure but i found something that make me stop until not getting extra info.

Well, basically after change the dns i notice that all my URL in search console risulting “not indexed” , although they were normally on search results by looking with procedure.

Also, the www version seem not be available, so after that i decide to switch back to old godaddy dns until i dont find what exactly happen.

Thanks for your time reading thia.

You should only choose one URL for your site: With, or without www. Once you choose, you can use a Page Rule to redirect to the one you want.

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Thanks for your reply, i appreciate.
About the ‘issue’ on search console, do you have any idea?

Sorry, I don’t use Google Webmaster Tools. Just make sure it’s set to use your canonical URL. Maybe you can ask for a re-scan.

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Changing DNS should not make your results disappear from search and should not impact site:… -

Is the website still working?

How long between changing DNS and seeing the results drop from search results?

How did you verify domain ownership with Google Search Console? Did you use a DNS TXT record or a file?

If you’ve used a DNS TXT record, did you create it when moving to Cloudflare? If not, did Search Console ask you to validate the domain again?

Have you checked Search Console settings | Domain Ownership for this domain?

Thanks for you reply, I appreciate.

Really, it happen just few hour after change the dns, but site did not disappear from search results, but while checking any url on search console I got back “url not indexed”…

I just changed the dns that cloudflare gave me inside the dns section of my godaddy panel and not… google didnt ask me to re-verify

I think it was just a propagation time problem. Probabily i had to wait more…

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