[IMPORTANT] DNS Management - Grouping and Multiple Select/Delete/Update

I’m sure that many of us that have a lot of DNS records even for one domain have an issue with generally Cloudflare and many other, you have about 20-30 DNS records per domain they can not be grouped for purposes of simplicity and deleting or updating or changing is an insanely time-consuming task.

It would make it easy for all enterprise consumers to do this, anyone that does DNS management knows what I’m talking about. You could conduct a survey and I would invite other community members to speak their thoughts on this subject as well.

Technical specification:

Add a custom Tag/Category creation, we would later add certain DNS records to a specific category, for instance, every email DNS record goes into EMAIL.

Also since the page mostly javascript it takes a long time (10 sec) to delete or update a DNS record, those API calls take a long time, especially when you have to update lets say 10 of them.

Since the devs haven’t answered for more than 15 days or rather anyone and will probably never be implementing our ideas or considering them unless they are absolutely necessary I will not be contributing to this forum anymore and will not add any more ideas.

As mentioned this is one of the most basic things you could do. Many users here have dozens of Websites (domains) and would like to Group them.

For example if someone does administration for 10 cities and is using one cloudflare account he has not either create many accounts (and then pay for all of them) or manage from one place where all the domains are just listed.