[IMPORTANT] DNS Management - Grouping and Multiple Select/Delete/Update

I’m sure that many of us that have a lot of DNS records even for one domain have an issue with generally Cloudflare and many other, you have about 20-30 DNS records per domain they can not be grouped for purposes of simplicity and deleting or updating or changing is an insanely time-consuming task.

It would make it easy for all enterprise consumers to do this, anyone that does DNS management knows what I’m talking about. You could conduct a survey and I would invite other community members to speak their thoughts on this subject as well.

Technical specification:

Add a custom Tag/Category creation, we would later add certain DNS records to a specific category, for instance, every email DNS record goes into EMAIL.

Also since the page mostly javascript it takes a long time (10 sec) to delete or update a DNS record, those API calls take a long time, especially when you have to update lets say 10 of them.