[IMPORTANT] Brotli ON by Default and Brotli Toggle removal

Brotli Support [Eyeball/Client to Cloudflare] Default on and Removal of Brotli Toggle and API

Hi Community,

In the coming weeks, we will be enabling Brotli for all zones and removing the ability to disable this via the UI/API or Terraform. Enable Brotli · Cloudflare Speed docs

Since 2015, Brotli has been supported by all common web browsers and by Cloudflare as a compression algorithm for our customers’ content. During the initial beta phase, we introduced a toggle that required manual enablement of Brotli compression.

Brotli’s developed by Google and has the ability to deliver improved compression ratios compared to other algorithms, such as Gzip, particularly in the context of text data compression, making it highly beneficial for compressing web pages, stylesheets, JavaScript, and other web assets.

What Will Change

When enabled on your zones eyeballs/clients that accept Brotli as a compression algorithm specified by the Accept-Encoding request header, Cloudflare will deliver Brotli-compressed content for certain file types that can be found here. Cloudflare will still send Gzip compression or no compression where clients do not support Brotli.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Matt Bullock PM Platform