Importance of Having a 24x7 DNS Support Person


I’m leading an effort to set up Cloudflare as the CDN for our non-profit’s new web site. As a part of that we need to transfer nameserver control to Cloudflare. The person who is currently providing us with our nameserver hosting and “free” support is insisting that we need to identify a person who will be available 24/7 to support DNS on Cloudflare. I am wondering how legitimate this need is?

Any insights will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  1. You probably already know you’re not going to get the name of a person here to help you 24/7. But if it’d make them happy, tell them @cscharff :joy:
  2. No, I don’t think that’s reasonable. Sheesh, it’s just DNS, plus some other stuff. It’s super easy to :grey: the domain if there are any glitches, and DNS is super easy to update.


You need a dedicated 24/7 supporter?

It’s just DNS and DNS doesn’t need 24/7 attention once the records are set correctly. :astonished:

My domains are active here for years now. I’ve set up the records and the next time I needed to login I had problems to remember my password. :joy:

In a former post you told me that he’s not happy about the change to CloudFlare. I don’t know him but maybe he’s just a bit… upset. I can’t find any reason for this. Ok, there may be some issues after you moved to CloudFlare. Wrong records or something. This will last for a short time.

DNS is not a girl. No daily strokes, no “I love you”. It’s just… there. :wink:


Technically support is 24x7. As @sdayman and @MarkMeyer hinted, DNS isn’t :rocket: Rocket Surgery :waning_gibbous_moon:

To reach support, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.

It’s absolutely great that you had someone who was volunteering to maintain your DNS and I guess that person isn’t interested in managing your DNS within the Cloudflare interface? I can respect that. I will say in the past the hardest part of managing DNS (besides knowing how to edit BIND files) was making it highly available. Cloudflare has the HA bit pretty well sorted and while you can import BIND files or manage your DNS using our APIs we designed our DNS UI to be easy enough that our VP of Marketing to could use it.

And ignore @sdayman, I can barely spell DNS, I just use Cloudflare to store my cat :cat2: videos. :telescope:


Hi Mark,
Thank you. Yours and the other comments confirm my conclusions regarding the need for 24/7 support. I will say the volunteer could be seen as having a conflict of interest since it is his company providing the hosting. And it is a one man company so when the server does go down (as it did a few weeks ago) it is his job to resolve the problem.


You are correct. It is his own business that currently provides hosting and nameserver services. Our new website will not be using his hosting company and now we’re moving the nameservers so I’m guessing that he may be feeling a little upset by all this.

For my own part, I’ve got a handful of domains and I can only recall one instance where I actually had to do “support” and I forget how many years ago that was. And in that case I was given advance warning of an impending change so it was no surprise.

Thanks for the help.


I do have an extra Cloudflare shirt that can help you spell DNS. And RUN as well. I happen to be wearing one of them today. The other is safely tucked away. Or ask @Ryan. He probably has a drawer full of them.


Oh, I do. But @cscharff already has one :wink:

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