Import records on create zone not reliable



I’ve noticed the import of existing DNS records fails every time on this one that godaddy always has configured.


Is this an import from a bind file or our automated scan? For an automated scan we look for the most common DNS records (1800 or so) to see of they exist and so there are a definitely records we won’t see/catch.


Yes its automated scan. I noticed that you were able to catch all the custom SRV, TXT and MX records, just surprised this one very common CNAME was ignored. I guess I figured you were importing all regardless, not using some sort of list.


Huh. I thought you folks would be using some for of dig command for the automated scan.


We pretty much do dig, but you can’t really ask for a whole zone file or all records of a type with dig. We do have some logic so that if your MX is we’ll also ask for the A record for somerandomserver even if it wasn’t in our base list of ~=1800 records we check to see if they exist.

I’ll pass along the _domainconnect record because as @darryl mentions it’s probably pretty common.

When I do onboarding with enterprise customers I ask them for a zone file every time before we do the DNS cutover. For a typical ENT zone I don’t trust anyone to know all the records in use even if they eyeball it and tell me it’s correct. Sometimes I’m wrong and we did get them all, but I err on the side of caution.

Long term… some other ideas kicking around for different ways to support zone transfers and different supported DNS configurations. But no idea which will make into the product or when. :slight_smile: