Import of DNS misses (important) records

I’m starting with Cloudflare, just created an account, and gave it my personal domain name, let’s call it

It imported the DNS entries,but when I look at the imported list, it’s missing several entries. And not just a few unimportant ones, but for instance:

www CNAME is present
dogbert is missing.

If I hadn’t noticed this and proceeded to update the name servers, this would have killed my web site.

Isn’t this rather sloppy? I had expected better from Cloudflare.

Those DNS records scanned by Cloudflare automatically are not reliable. It’s better to cross-check the DNS records in Cloudflare with the one in your previous authoritative DNS provider.

Yes, I did that.
But I strongly feel that:

  • Cloudflare detected that www dot example dot org is a CNAME for dogbert dot example dot org. so it should really have added dogbert dot example dot org as well.
  • There should be a big red warning: double check if the below list is complete: if entries are missing, things will break!

(PS: apologies about the dot example dot org notation, the forum won’t let me post this otherwise.)

Perhaps Cloudflare is unable to detect/scan the value (IP address) of

That’s a good idea.

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