Import large DNS zone file - mass orange cloud control?



I plan to move over a domain from AWS Route53 DNS to Cloudflare and need to import a DNS zone file I exported from Route53 which has ~256 DNS records after removing the Route53 incompatible ALIAS etc records.

But is it possible to through the DNS zone import process to mark which DNS records I want the orange cloud enabled for and which DNS records I want the orange cloud turned off for ?

When I import the DNS zone file, what is the default state for all DNS records for the orange cloud ? enabled or disabled ? I assume enabled ?




I don’t believe there is a way to import them form the UI and set the proxy status. You could enumerate the file via the API and set the status or iterate the records after importing from the UI and set the status.


cheers @cscharff looks like API is the way to go :slight_smile:


As an aside in 90%+ of cases I recommend customers got ‘all gray cloud’ initially to allow for universal or dedicated certs to be ordered/ deployed and then orange cloud a record for testing before moving to roll out more broadly. Obviously there are scenarios where this isn’t necessary, but I tend to be overly cautious when it comes to deployments.

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