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A question if anyone knows. When exporting DNS, the text file shows the full DNS, for example: 1 IN CNAME

Yet in the console the DNS shows as just the name without the domain, and works fine, for example

When I import DNS via text file, do I need to format it as per the export with full DNS name or just the extra part of the DNS name like in the console?


The console just does that to save space on your screen. The entire domain name is stored in the database. The import/export file will have it correct with the FQDN.

Import is based on parsing a standard bIND file. The format for that will look similar to


Ok thank you, I was just concerned as when I import the console UI shows the FQDN as that is how it was imported rather than the shortened version that shows if you manually enter in a DNS via the console UI.

As long as both work that is the main thing.

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