Import Cloudflare proxied DNS records

I usually add a domain to CF and it copies over the existing DNS records, very handy. However, for the very first time, I just did this process on a domain that was already using CF (not my account, another developer and the A records were all proxied. I didn’t realize this, so when it copied over the A records, it copied the proxy records and so when the NS records were updated, the site went down.

So 2 questions:

  1. Is there a way to discern what the original A records actually were? Probably not at this point, I’d imagine.

  2. But in the future, how would I copy the records so I avoid this screw up in the future?

Log into the old Cloudflare account, and export the DNS records. Nobody else can see what the Origin IP is for any :orange: records.

On the DNS tab of the dashboard for the old account, click AdvancedExport. Then use the Advanced option to import the zone file into the new account.

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sorry, I forgot to mention that the old CF account wasn’t mine but another web developer. I just updated my post to clarify

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