Import blocked ip addresses from htaccess into firewall

On the last site I had been using cloudflare and All of the blocked IP addresses magically appeared in my cloudflare firewall. My new site has the same IP block list in the .htaccess but the rules are not there. What do I need to do or how can I import the list of Blacklisted IP addresses primarily from Ghana and nigeria into my cloudflare firewall?

That type of magic doesn’t happen on its own. What Cloudflare has now is Lists:

Ok… I was wondering about that. Last year when I setup another website, it seems like the deny list in my htaccess files was somehow propagated into the CF firewall. Is there a way to bulk import my existing blocked ips into this list?

You can import a CSV.

Where is that function? I might be blind as I didn’t find it.

I named and created my list (testlist), then here’s the input screen:

Sorry, when I am looking at my dashboard for my domain, where are the lists?

Ok, now I need to work on my list to upload. Is there a sample or template so that I can adjust my list as from my htaccess list, I have both cidr and ipv4 addresses

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