Implementation of codes via Cloudflare

For Workes & Pages, what is the name of the domain?

What is the issue or error you’re encountering

I want to deploy a zip file (code) to a website already connected with Cloudflare. I’m a non-dev guy so while researching, I found that you need Pages/Workers to deploy codes… however, when i click on them i get a 403 error, meaning they might not be setup (?). While doing some more research I found that there was a wrangler.toml file in the code that can help execute the codes without having to use Pages/Workers in the documentation. I just want to know how to deploy a new zip file with some new tracking codes added.

What steps have you taken to resolve the issue?

I’ve spoken to a few developers but not many have really worked with Cloudflare before so getting a concrete answer has been difficult

Can you explain what you are trying to achieve in a bit more detail? I can’t quite follow your explanation. I assume you have left some things out that seem really obvious to you, but aren’t to the reader.

A good place to start is to describe how you want thing to be when the changes are done, not how you want to make the changes.

Usually, any changes to your website would be made at the hosting provider.