Implement rate limiting with Workers?

Because Cloudflare’s Rate Limiting feature only works for uncached assets, I can’t use it with the setups I have for my websites. But perhaps a Worker can help?

Would be grateful for anyone who can send me of to the right path.

I don’t believe that is the case any longer. We recently added a feature to more finely tune rate limiting based on response headers. New rate limiting rules by default have cf-cache-status not equal to HIT, but you could change that to equal to HIT (to count cached hits only) or remove that criteria altogether to count all requests.

Thanks for the quick reply!

You’re right, it’s indeed possible now I see here in the help. (This help page still has the old information that cached resources are never rate-limited.)

Anyhow, rate limiting cached requests requires a Business plan or higher, which is not the case for my websites. So if it’s possible with Workers then that would be helpful.