I’m trying to find an Australian book store but cloudflare redirects me to an Indonesian/Malaysian concrete company.

What’s going on? How do I find out?

It doesn’t redirect, that’s the content served by your server.

Double check the IP addresses which are configured on Cloudflare and make sure they reflect the actual values. Maybe your host changed your IP address. If that is the case you’d need to update the records on Cloudflare. You’d need to talk to your host for that.

It’s not my server. I’m just trying to access I have no idea where to even start to find out what’s wrong here.

Perhaps their server has been hacked.

So that is not your domain? In that case I am afraid all you can do is contact the site owner. Cloudflare cannot do anything here.

I talked to the owner. He retired years ago and is in hospital and knows nothing about the website.

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