Immediate 'Video not found' Error After Cloudflare Webhook

I received this webhook after uploading a video to Cloudflare Stream:

{'allowedOrigins': [],
'clippedFrom': None,
'created': '2023-08-28T18:29:05.844411Z',
'creator': None,
'duration': 6.87,
'input': {'height': 632, 'width': 808},
'maxDurationSeconds': None,
'maxSizeBytes': None,
'meta': {'downloaded-from': 'our-private-link'},
'modified': '2023-08-28T18:29:19.507555Z',
'playback': {'dash': '',
'hls': ''},
'preview': '',
'publicDetails': None,
'readyToStream': True,
'readyToStreamAt': '2023-08-28T18:29:19.506564Z',
'requireSignedURLs': False,
'scheduledDeletion': None,
'size': 37202,
'status': {'errorReasonCode': '',
            'errorReasonText': '',
           'pctComplete': '50.000000',
           'state': 'ready',
           'step': 'encoding'},
'thumbnail': '',
'thumbnailTimestampPct': 0,
'uid': '188c891655abf7c6d6ab04971552fbe9',
'uploadExpiry': None,
'uploaded': '2023-08-28T18:29:05.844404Z',
'watermark': None}

Although the webhook says “readyToStream: True”, it still takes some seconds for the video to become “playable”. Resulting in this:

In less than one minute the video starts working. So I have two questions:

  1. When can I be sure that the video is really ready to be played?
  2. When videos are uploaded, I receive only a single webhook, like on this example, that says: ‘pctComplete’: ‘50.000000’. But why don’t we receive the webhook when it goes to 100%? Because I could wait until it is 100% to only then allow the user to see the video. But normally I receive the webhook when it is 30%, 50%, etc… and only a single webhook, so I never know when it finishs the task.

Thanks for the attention!

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I’m also facing the same issue, video can only be played after 6-7 seconds after it is uploaded.