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My email account has been compromised and thus the log in credentials of all my accounts have been changed. I have a current support ticket Request #1492656 and was just wondering how long a typical response takes, because Google take 18 hours when they promised 30 mins, and Namecheap takes on average 6 hours per response.



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Custom domain with Blogger not working

I’m sorry that this is off topic, but I have an urgent matter since my account was hacked. I submitted a ticket but was just trying to figure out how quickly they typically respond…


On the free plan, it could be up to 24 hours. Right now, it’s after hours, so you might not hear back until tomorrow morning. Go ahead and post your ticket #. One of the mods may drop in and push it along, but it may just have to wait until tomorrow.

Do you have any access to your account? How about an email rest for a lost/forgotten password?

And…I don’t suppose you had Two-Factor Authentication turned on, did you?


I believe I had log in notifications set up but probably was just email, since I had my lead dev working with me on there (who has since been removed against my will). I recovered access recently but they changed the log in credentials again. so I have the previous password I used but they’ve hacked my email associated with that account as well. So I just have previous password, invoice and payment statements, and saved emails from the compromised email addressing me personally.

Actually I’m pretty sure I added 2FA support once I regained access, but they must have removed it in time. I’m going up against a guy I brought onto my company with 25 years IT & security experience… I’m a bit outmatched here…


Is there a way you could PM? I have a quick question, I still control the VPS and know the IP, hostname, and cloudflare servers


We actually have teams working 24/7/365 around the world. So there is no “morning” for support :slight_smile:

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