{IMMEDIATE RESPONSE REQUESTED} I accidentally sent a cloudflare abuse form!

Hello, this is a problem. I meant to report a user, googled cloudflare community abuse form and sent it to cloudflare then realized it’s NOT related to the community, what do I do now? is there any way to retract the claim! I DON’T WANT TO GET SUSPENDED FROM CLOUDFLARE BECAUSE OF THIS! DO I CONTACT CLOUDFLARE SUPPORT!?

Hi @AppleSlayer, the Trust & Safety team will take a bit of time to get to your submission, if they find it to not be valid, they’ll ignore it and you’ll likely not receive a reply. They don’t have a process that would result in penalizing you for an incorrect submission.

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But is creating another account to avoid the first day post limit a violation of community TOS?

Did it hurt you in some way? Were they being malicious?


No, they weren’t

Ok… did you want us to ban them and kick them off the platform for their behavior?

If it’s a violation they made a new account (in the cloudflare community) to avoid the first day post limit

He said “I hit the post limit for new users. So, I had to create another account.”

Ok, noted. But it didn’t hurt anyone or disrupt anything? They were just trying to get an answer to a question and an arbitrary system limit impeded them? Our tools are intended to curb abuse… it doesn’t sound like there was anything abusive about this.

Our general policy guidelines boil down to don’t be a ****. **** is liberally interpreted as evidenced by the fact I haven’t been banned yet.


So it’s not a TOS violation?

It is less than ideal, but I think it’s more/most important that people get their issues addressed than it is that folks don’t “color outside the lines”. In instances where folks are forced to break our rules in order to get an answer, it makes me realize that our rules are incorrect.

When we see duplicate accounts, we merge the accounts. However, if it’s before the second account created and the user flags their post and indicates they’ve hit a limit, I manually adjust the limit for that account.

If it happens to a lot of people a lot of times, I adjust site-wide settings such that our settings are “right-sized” to what folks want to do.

Ok, so no violation? If so, sorry for wasting your time

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