I’m asking here 'cause doesn’t have a contact page and they state that they are partnered with Cloudflare.
In a nutshell, images proxied by do not appear on site (see in img elements, unless I open the img in a new link (such as this).

Then the Cloudflare captcha occurs, the image gets loaded and when I go back to, the img elements load properly after a page refresh.

So, developers or users, is there any way to avoid this? I want to use to proxy the images, but cannot if the Cloudflare captcha occurs. If it atters, is also behind Cloudflare dns proxy.

If you’re hitting a captcha on their website then you’ll need to get in touch with them somehow - there’s no way to really get around it without them amending their WAF rules.

FWIW, all the images work fine for me - if they’re not using any custom firewall rules, captchas are usually served based on IP reputation.

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