Images won't load on Cloudflare



My website images won’t load after I turned on SSL with Cloudflare, I suspect Clouflare is causing the issue as I checked with godaddy and my files are linked properly, as well as my website in my text editor’s live preview (which displayed the images) Only the header image and the other image on the homepage won’t load.

my website is

Please help


Btw, I do have Rocket Loader off


The files don’t appear to exist: results in a 404 for example.


Yes, I noticed that too, I checked on my godaddy server where my files are uploaded and the image is there, so I don’t know why it’s doing that.


Does it work with http (when :grey:? If it does then it may be that your virtual server is not configured to listen on 443 for your site.


I did some more testing, turns out I was just really stupid and didn’t upload the images with my homepage to godaddy, sorry if I wasted any of your time.



lol no worries… I am glad you got it figured out.


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