Images Webp Wp-Rocket + Cloudflare

I can’t see images converted to Webp. I have config Wp-rocket with Cloudflare.

Cloudflare doesn’t change the image extension. But if you try to save it, you’ll see that the image is converted to webp.

If you are a Chrome user, you can install this extension:

Right click on the image and select “View image info”.

T_T okai


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I think, that there is some conflict. WP-Rocket and Cloudflare in Safari browser can’t handle (sometimes) Webp images. I think, that problem is in Critical CSS files (if you turn off this option it should work fine). I am not a developer, so I don’t know more, but I can confirm same problem and I can suggest you my solution. From Cloudflare you can receive only generic answer, but I have also sent a message to WP-Rocket. So we will see…

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