Images Upload Failure

Hello guys,

I’m trying to upload some jpeg images into Images and I’m experiencing this issue currently

I’m doing the upload over the Cloudflare dashboard but I also have some custom uploaders created and they are all not working because of SparrowEventNotAllowedError.

Any solution for these issues?

Could you please share the response in the network tab to the …/images/v1 call?

Hey, @sven2 I can only see 403 error with no response, where is a print screen.

The file you uploaded was too large.


:face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: damn, I didn’t even bother to check. Sorry and thanks.

Is that what the 5413 error means? Or is there some other indicator that the image was too large?

It should be indicated in the body of the response as well. 5413 = PAYLOAD_TOO_LARGE


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