Images unique transformations graph in Billing buggy?

Dear Community,

I created a ticket but as a CF Pro user, I didn’t get any help for almost a month so I hope you can help me.

We switched a portion of our image traffic to CF Images to give it a try. The images are hosted on a private S3, so we are using a CF Worker to load them. Since the signed URL is always different, we basically have to pay for each request although the image is identical. That’s why we first used the Edge Cache to prevent additional requests but switched to KV as a “cache”.
If the image exists on KV this is loaded, otherwise, we use an Image Transformation and save it to KV for the next request. Works fine, speed is good enough for now, but the pricing graph absolutely doesn’t make any sense to me.

Do you have similar graphs? The red dashed line is what I would expect with a lot more transformations in the beginning and then slowing down because more and more comes from the “cache”. But the opposite is the case and it’s growing each day and even that doesn’t look correct because that would mean that our traffic is so homogenous and growing each day.

Thank you for any kind of hint,

can you DM me your account and what zones you are serving images from?

Sorry for asking but how can I send a DM here?

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