Images suddenly gone missing on my site

My images suddenly stopped working on my website I have now disbled Cloudflare but they have not returned I don’t have Rocket loader enabled nor Mirage so once I disabled Cloudflare my images should now show but they don’t which is rather odd I’d rather not use Cloudflare if it’s gonna mess up my images it’s supposed to help speed up my site not break it can anyone help

Similar issue as Images not displaying after seting up cache

Your image URLs send a redirect to your main page.

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Why would they do that and how do I rectify this stupid problem as my images where fine for months

They? That is most likely coming from your server and if not, you configured a page rule. The same questions respectively suggestions as in the linked thread apply in your case.

Ok am taking a read of the linked thread but this is doing my head in my images have been fine for months then after updating my cache all of a sudden they’ve gone missing why has this problem only just appeared ? kind of crazy how it can be working for so long then soon as you purge the cache you encounter problems as I haven’t been into Cloudflare since 2016

Probably because of your changes to the cache. The images might have been cached and since you purged it requests hit your server which is sending redirects.

You need to debug your server configuration and possibly page rules on Cloudflare.

I’m using Cloudflare Full SSL I shouldn’t need to set page rules using this method should I ?

Also I have disabled Cloudflare but my images are still not showing so how comes if Iv’e disabled it in my dashboard they still don’t show that would suggest even though I have it disabled some how it still controlling my website images.

Page rules have nothing to do with SSL intrinsically. You can use them for certain SSL settings, but they equally serve for other settings.

If you have disabled Cloudflare and you still get the redirects you can rule out page rules and the issue is on your server. You need to debug that on your server. That is not Cloudflare related I am afraid.

Actually, it would appear your server does not send a 301 but a straight 404, meaning it cant find the images.

Anyhow, the issue is on your server and thats where you need to fix it. Go through the logs and try to find why it behaves the way it does.

This is crazy if you went on my website 2 days ago my images where showing all my images on my front page my logo everything so it just doesn’t make sense and although you say it’s my server I don’t know why after purging my cache after 2 years hundreds of updates all of a sudden my website has broken ? You didn’t answer my question as to why when I disable Cloudflare plugin my images still don’t appear i’m so frustrated it’s unreal 2 years of working fine then one day it messes up my site.

I did answer it, that is an issue on your server and you need to fix it there. This forum is for Cloudflare related questions and your issue is not Cloudflare related. Nobody here can tell what you have changed but you need to debug that or find someone who does it on your behalf.

I understand this is frustrating. Cloudflare sits in front of your website. It copies all your site’s static content, stores, and distributes it for you. When someone visits your website, they’re not looking at your source content. They’re looking at all the copied content on Cloudflare. That’s a core advantage of Cloudflare’s content delivery network. If your website’s traffic is metered, a lot of visitor traffic won’t even hit it.

When you clear Cloudflare’s cache, as Sandro was saying, Cloudflare has no choice but to send visitor traffic directly to your web server, because, in clearing the cache, you deleted what was stored by Cloudflare.

This normally isn’t a problem. Cloudflare just goes and gets new copies of everything. The problem with your site is; it’s not finding the content: the 404 error Sandro mentioned.

With Cloudflare disabled, and your content still unavailable, your problem is on your web server. It has to be. That’s where website visitor traffic is going. I hope this helps.

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Your site currently isn’t going through Cloudflare.

I’m looking at your site right now and see the 404 errors for image files.

Can you confirm the image files actually reside in the wp-content/uploads directory?
Here’s one to check:

Ok, that was weird. The image shows up in this post, so it exists.

You’re going to have to comb through parts of your site to track this down:

  1. .htaccess for anything that applies to this resource
  2. Disable some plugins. I may have a seen a hint of Autoptimize. Turn that off. And any other types of optimization plugins.
  3. Server logs for more explicit evidence of what is really happening.

Thanks for the feedback yes my images where fine 2 days ago I have made numerous changes to my website over the past few months and all has been fine until yesterday when I deceided to go into Cloudflare and purge the Cache now soon as I purged the Cache I went back and my website images where gone how can this be something to do with my server the images are all uploaded to my wordpress media library and was all working fine prior to me purging my Cache but your telling me it’s my server which has been working for 2 years with out a problem this is just a big headache and I starting to wish I never used Cloudflare

Cloudflare is not to blame in this case. You made changes and these changes broke your site. Cloudflare actually helped you by caching these images, but when you purged the cache you removed even that layer of file storage.

As has been mentioned a few times, your site is not going through Cloudflare. It’s only using Cloudflare DNS, which has no impact on site content.

Maybe Siteground can help you track this down since they’re hosting and serving your content.

I had a thought I was having trouble with Jetpack a while ago and decided to get rid of it so I disabled and uninstalled it and was fine then I went to Cloudflare a few weeks later and Purged the cache then the images disappeared so I thought to myself lets just see if even after disabling and uninstalling does Jetpack still have some control over the images and to my belief I was correct somehow even after the uninstall my images seem to be controlled by Jetpack I enabled Jetpack again and the images reappeared I have now disabled Jetpack again and all images are fine so I would say it’s a plugin conflict and although you remove Jetpack if I was to purge my Cloudflare cache I belive I would get the same problem again. So my theory is if I wanted this problem resolves officially I would have to find some way of removing Jetoack fully not just uninstalling but actually going into PHP admin and deleting and files folders and any traces of Jetpack before doing this manually disconnecting from the as well.

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  • You’d not encounter the same issue again. If you use the purge all option instead of a selective purge, then a very temporary issue would arise. But no more than 30 seconds considering Cloudflare’s infrastructure to have the capacity to handle it so quickly.
  • If you have, which I do not see that you do, any Content-Security-Policy headers to help in combatting exploits set up on your site either manually or via a WP add-on, ensure that the source of your images is permitted. For future reference when you choose to implement said headers. For reference, see Mozilla’s extensive writings on the topic. Also, they’ve an extension for Firefox “Security Report Card” that is of great benefit to see exactly what a site’s issues are and how a site’s owner can improve the site’s security for visitors and the benefit of the WWW ecosphere as a whole.

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