Images returning 404

Hello again, Since my last post I have purchased images and have uploaded all my wp images to it. my wordpress image directory is /wp-content/uploads/ within the uploads folder is all of the images. Using the code from the tutorial docs on step 4 I created a worker and modified it.
-removed the aws s3 code
-modified the values to match up with my account and directories
-added a console.log for image and variant to troubleshoot

When I load my page with images on it my browsers dev console gives me a 404 and when I go directly to my image via the web it gives both a 404 and gives out about content security policy and using default src as a fallback. as my next bit of plan I started a log stream on the workers page. On doing that it returned a 404 but looking at the console.log I created it gave the correct image variant (uploads) and the correct image name. help would be very much appreciated as im stumped. Thanks!

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