Images on wrong places when cloudflare is active

Since a couple of weeks all our images are in a wrong order / wrong place, when Cloudflare is active.
As soon as I put Cloudflare in development mode the problem is fixed.

Purging the cache doesnt help.

Can you share an example URL of where this happens? And a screenshot of what it looks like enabled/disabled?

I suspect this might have something to do with Rocket Loader but will need more information to debug further.

On this place: flamcogroup.(com)/be-fr
I have this image:

Which should be this image:

As you can see on our test environment: test.flamcogroup.(com)/be-nl

At this moment…everything you refresh CTRL+F5 the images will be on a different spot…

(sorry I can’t share urls according to the system so I had to change it a bit)

I see in our account that we don’t have the Rocket loader active.

Do you have Mirage active? That’s also known to cause some odd issues with images and carousels.

No mirage either. We don’t have a pro account, so only basics.
As soon as I see the images on a different spot, I turn into development and refresh and everything is ok. At some point it starts to show the problem again.

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