Images on pages not loading

Suddenly, images on my site are not opening in full mode. This causes an issue since a lot of them are images of documents.
Started within the last few weeks but am now able to get working on it. By disabling Cloudflare on my site, the images will start to load full size. Thumbnails have no issue loading.

A good example is here: Headstones: Our Family History
The thumbnails are there. But if you click on an image or image title, this is all you get.


If i pause Cloudflare, the images will show up full size. Any idea what i need to change to fix this issue?

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Ok, so what do i need to change? It only works properly with Cloudflare off.

Hi @user20469,

The images are loading perfectly fine for me , Did you off Cloudflare ?

I’m not sure my answer is correct, but how to fix it is the stackoverflow topic I mentioned.
And since I didn’t visit your site when you turned off Cloudflare, so…

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I think it doesn’t work

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Instead of php use normal html to load image ?

No, Cloudflare is still on. I just cleared my browsers caches and reset them. Still not working. Latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. Also tested in IE and Edge. It only seems to work in IE.

The site is based on the TNG framework. I’ve looked at some of the code but don’t have the knowledge to rewrite it.

yes, it’s a server side error, not an error from Cloudflare.
IE11 doesn’t return any errors in the console, so the error and the fix is ​​my first comment.

So in essence, the owners of the framework have to update the code to work with the latest jquery then?

Try turning Rocket Loader off in the Speed → Optimizations page.

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ah, yes, rocket loader. I forgot it. It broke my site so long ago I turned it off and forgot it existed

That fixed it. Thank you. I don’t see any loading time issues, the images pop right up.

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We had the same issue and disabling Rocket Loader fixed the problem.

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Great !