Images Not Showing

I recently add my wp website on Cloudflare and also install Cloudflare official plugin, but images not working on my website. It also happens with my other websites also. plz help me
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The URL path for your images looks messed up. Were you using a CDN before?

  • For now, disable the Cloudflare plugin (maybe that by itself will help).
  • Next, go to your Cloudflare Overview page for that domain and use Advanced to “Pause” Cloudflare. This will completely bypass Cloudflare and hopefully get the images to show up.

Post back on how these two suggestions work.

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Disabling Cloudflare plugin works, but sometimes I face problem while login WP-Admin dashboard.

You can get by without the Cloudflare plugin. I don’t use it.

What happens with the dashboard?

sometime wp dashboard not login and open without Cloudflare /Cloudflare Flexible plugin.

“Sometimes”? And sometimes it does work?

You said “Cloudflare Flexible” plugin. Do you mean this one?

Is your Cloudflare SSL set to Flexible?

yes sir. Set flexible ssl for Cloudflare not full ssl

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