Images not showing up on certain mobile devices

Hey there, community!

So I have a weird issue I’m trying to crack on Background images with my Wordpress site are not showing up on only some mobile devices (specifically the header images and the beige background textures). A friend’s Samsung 9s and my other friend’s Oneplus 6 does not show some background images. When rotating the phones, some backgrounds come back. Andddd, when refreshing a page, I can see the background images flicker and then disappear.

On iPhones, this problem does not happen. In Inspect tool, it looks fine. I tried making everything responsive so I don’t think that is the issue. I’ve disabled cache plugins, cleared cache.

Is it Cloudflare? Is it higher resolution? I appreciate any feedback you all would have!

Your site works in HTTP as well as HTTPS, and that makes troubleshooting a bit tricky. Just stick with HTTPS since that’s more secure.

  • Make sure Always Use HTTPS is enabled in the SSL/TLS settings tab
  • Same for Automatic HTTPS Rewrites

Then checked for Mixed Content at

Thank you!! I enabled both of those, do they usually take a while to show up? Because still mixed content errors.

You’ll still need to go through the instructions in the Mixed Content article I linked to to clear up the Mixed Content errors.

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