Images not showing (some imgur image rendered instead) in root domain above my WordPress install

I have a WordPress installation in a subdomain (e.g.

To take advantage of the SSL and other security features I routed the entire domain through CloudFlare.

In the WordPress installation in the subdomain I use the W3 Total Cache (“W3TC”) plugin. This appears to include a CloudFlare settings panel which incorporates an ability to set a ‘cache time’ in minutes with CloudFlare, and another which enables the CloudFlare cache to be flushed when posts are modified. Other than that I don’t know how it interacts with CloudFlare.

I have not installed the WordPress CloudFlare plugin.

The WordPress installation site in the subdomain seems to work fine with all this - except that, in the root level of the domain (‘above’ the level of the WordPress installation), I find that simple images won’t render in HTML pages. Curiously, instead of the image I try to show, I get this image showing instead:

The cause of this and its solution may seem obvious to others, but I have no idea what’s happening.

Can anyone help?

I can’t post, because Akismet has “temporarily” (read: permanently) hidden my post.

What do I do?

You are talking about a Wordpress blog, right? Unfortunately that is not Cloudflare related and hence beyond the scope of the forum. Maybe you can try over at StackExchange.