Images not showing since i moved to cloudflare

Hi ,
I am using wordpress and elementor on my site and recently moved my NS to Cloudflare.But since i moved to Cloudflare the images and logo on my site are no longer showing can anybody assist.


What’s the domain?

Hi…here is the domain

The images that are being blocked are being requested over http on a page that is loaded over https. Update your WordPress/Elementor settings to make sure all images are loaded using https.

ok thanks i see what you mean can you please refer me to a resource(step-by step process ) i can use to help me resolve issue

WordPress can be a bit tricky at times, because unless you are a very experienced user, it may be hard to pinpoint who’s doing what (WordPress core, theme, plugins, custom code etc.).

What I’d suggest is that you install a plugin, such as Really Simple SSL – WordPress plugin |, to do this for you.

Please bear in mind that this is a Cloudflare Community of (mostly) volunteers, and in case you face any difficulties trying that, you should resort to Forums | for further assistance.

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ok many thanks atleast now i know what to fix

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