Images not showing on mobile browsers

my website is working fine but on the mobile browsers website images are not showing

how can i solve it knowing i did Purge Cache and tried to pause cloudflare but still got the same issue

if anyone can help me

Your images are being converted to the WebP format, but unless this conversion is done by Cloudflare, they may not work with all mobile devices, as some (iOS up until version 14) are not compatible with WebP.

If you are on a paid Cloudflare plan, turn off WebP conversion at the origin and turn Polish on. Polish will convert to WebP at the edge and only deliver to compatible devices. If you are on a free plan, you should not convert to WebP at the origin, unless you use a plugin or develop yourself a solution that will test for compatibility within the HTML (an inline JavaScript). Otherwise Cloudflare will cache the images requested by the first visitor and deliver them to all subsequent visitors, regarless of their compatibility with WebP.

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i will give it a try

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