Images not showing (data:image/gif;base64)


I recently turned on the Rocket Loader feature. Website speed for my Wordpress site became much faster, but I am noticing that certain images are now not showing.

These are images hosted outside my site (cloudinary). When clicking the image url it shows data:image/gif;base64… followed by a string, instead of the actual image source (…).

Any idea what this is and how to fix it so images actually load?



I can think of possibly two solutions:

  1. Host them yourself.
  2. Host them with Cloudflare.

I’d personally prefer option 2.



Thanks intr0. So how would I go about hosting them with Cloudflare? The issue is I have a couple hundred posts with images like this now. So manually changing the URLs would be quite a pain.

I should also note, that on these same posts there are images hosted with Cloudinary that didn’t get converted to this data:image/gif;base64 format.

Do you have any idea why the images are converted to this format in the first place?



Allow me to answer your last question first. When not correctly implemented, converting images to base64 - which does have security purposes - will fail. I suspect that’s what is happening with the current image hosting provider you use

Being unsure of what plan you have with Cloudflare, I’m unable to answer ‘how’ to host your images with Cloudflare. Personally, I find it the most convenient to have your package as most ‘wrapped up’ with Cloudflare as possible. It’s convenient and it greatly simplifies everything you wish to do.

And you’re most welcome.

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I think what confuses me is this:

  1. The images on that page are all entered into wordpress as normal image URLs.
  2. There are other images on that page also hosted by Cloudinary that display just fine and the image link is a normal URL
  3. So it is just select images that have been converted to base64 after enabling Rocket Loader.

Rocket Loader seems to have dramatically increased my site speed, so I would like to leave it enabled. So I am just hoping I can figure out why some images are being converted to this format and disable.

I am on the free plan with Cloudflare at the moment, but would consider a paid plan. I would be more than willing to host images with Cloudflare, but at this point my concern is I have several hundred already published posts and going back and replacing the image URLs would be a nightmare, so am focused on seeing if there is a way to leave Rocket Loader enabled why not doing the base64 conversion.

It’s also conceivable that Rocket Loader has nothing to do with this, though it seemed to coincide almost exactly with enabling Rocket Loader.


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