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Hello everyone!

I have got a problem with my website. I have changed the location of the server 2 weeks ago but I haven’t changed new IP on Cloudflare. Now I have uninstalled Cloudflare and reinstalled it with the right IP. But now part of the website is not showing (especially images) Can someone help please??

This is the website:

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Are these pictures you are loading from If so, it is an issue with their webserver configuration. You need to contact them

Furthermore, your server is not configured for HTTPS either. You should install a proper certificate on your server and make sure the encryption mode on Cloudflare is “Full strict”, otherwise you have an insecure connection.

Hi, they are not loading from that website. I can see the website shows as secure.

What is secure is the proxy connection. The site itself is still insecure because you do not have any valid certificate on your site. You should fix that first.

I have a valid certificate on the website. I will check if its not working

Assuming your server IP address ends in 158, it would not seem like it.

What is your encryption mode on Cloudflare?

Alright, my bad, I seem to have checked the wrong server. There does seem to be a proper certificate in place. Is your encryption mode “Full strict” too?

No its full

Since you appear to have a valid certificate in place you should switch that to “Full strict”.

No still doesnt work

Seems to be “mixed content”. Use the search for that keyword for more details.

The only thing that appears weird for me is this. Do you think this can cause problems? And fo you know how to fix it?

What exactly?

The issue in your case, however, is mixed content, not DNS.

The SRV. Can you show me why you say mixed content? Have you seen an error notice somewhere?

The SRV record is not related to the issue. You can hover over the icon for more details.

As for your content issue, just open the browser console and note the warnings. Again, the search will provide more details, respectively this issue is a general one and not Cloudflare specific.

If I go on the icon is written ‘this record exposes your origin IP’ - I will look into google console

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