Images not loading on Chrome/Firefox (Loading on IE)


Hi team,

I’ve recently set up Cloudflare to work with my store. Everything is working except for images on Chrome/Firefox - the images appear on IE however I am receiving the message Only secure content is being displayed

I’ve confirmed Hotlink Protection has been disabled on the Scrape Shield - I’ve enabled most of the Crypto security settings (toggling these off to see if they were the cause didn’t address the issue).

The website is - is there anything obvious I may have missed?

Clearing cache / purging Cloudflare didn’t address the issue - this is also occurring on multiple devices on multiple networks.

Thanks in advance,




Mixed content, I would say. Switch your links from HTTP to HTTPS and it should work.

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Thanks Sandro - I’m a bit of a noob with this - that’s switching links in wordpress hey (from http to https) ?



Yes, you could also try the automatic HTTPS rewrite Cloudflare offers in the dashboard.