Images Not Loading Anymore & Elementor Stopped Working

Domain Name:

Images are not loading anymore on my website when I access via browser, you can see for yourself.

1 - Tried purging the cache in Wordpress and it didn’t work.

2 - Tried purging the cache in Cloudflare, it also didn’t work.

3 - Tried incognito mode but it didn’t work.

What’s weird is that images load normally on the mobile version.

Also Elementor seems to have stopped working. Can’t edit pages anymore, it just loads forever.

It was working fine yesterday until I started configuring Cloudflare in order to install an SSL certificate.

(I didn’t have an SSL certificate before, configured Cloudflare yesterday, got back today and it was looking like this)

Can you please advise? Thank you.

I disabled all proxies from Cloudflare within the DNS section, and it’s working normally now.

However, I understand that the proxy helps make the website more safe.

Not sure if it’s a configuration issue within the proxy.

I’d like to leave the proxy enabled within the DNS, so not sure how to proceed.

I was able to fix it:

I looked up the community for similar problems and found the following article

> Blockquote

Apparently I had a mixed content issue, so as the article says I installed the plugin SSL Insecure Content Fixer, adjusted the setting to the proper HTTPS detection as advised by the tool, and it worked immediately.

Elementor also got fixed. It worked like a charm!

Hope this helps someone else!

Mixed content usually suggests a configuration issue on your server. Make sure your encryption mode on Cloudflare is Full Strict and you have a valid certificate on your server. Then it should work fine.

Hey Sandro, thanks for the reply.

Where do I check the encryption mode?

And when you mean having a valid certificate on my server - you mean installed on my cPanel?

Hey @sandro ,

I was able to choose “Full” encryption mode, and apparently Full Strict requires me to have a valid certificate on your server.

I don’t know how to upload the certificate on my server, can you provide me with a tutorial that can do that?

Sure, that’s exactly what I meant, you need a valid certificate, otherwise the site is insecure.

Origin CA certificates · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs has all details on how to get a certificate. For uploading, you should talk to your host.

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Hey @sandro , I was able to find the tutorial here and followed the steps.

I think it’s all good now, I have installed the origin certificate and now using Full (Strict) mode.

Is there any way that I can confirm that everything is working properly end to end?

The website opens normally here, but I’m not sure if that’s enough of a validation.

Not sure if a test is really required at all to be honest, but I’ve followed all the steps and it’s apparently working properly.

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Yes, you now do have a valid certificate.

As long as you are on Full Strict and your site loads fine on HTTPS, you know that your site is secure.


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