Images Not Displaying After Enabling Cloudflare

I am just experimenting with CF for our clients, and have enabled on two Wordpress websites. Both sites are having the same issue, but for purposes of this thread, the problem site is here.

After changing nameservers and enabling CF, and moving to the paid option, I have found that most of the images (but not all) on the homepage (and throughout the site) are not displaying. This includes for example the logo in the header.

The site did have WP-Fastest Cache (which works with CF), but to eliminate this as a cause I have uninstalled the plugin (after clearing cache).

I have also tried enabling dev mode for CF, but this has not resolved the problem.

Ive also tried disabling rocket sites.

Even in dev mode, my images are not coming back.

When I view-source, everything looks correct…and if I paste the url of some of the images, they load fine.

I wonder if someone could possibly take a look and advise where the problem might lie?

Many thanks.

I’m seeing no problems with images. If you’ve just added the site to Cloudflare, it may take up to 48 hours for DNS to fully propagate.

All sorted…it was actually a plugin called SMUSH, which was using lazy-load on the images. Disabled lazy-load, all sorted.

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