Images not converted to WebP

Hello there, i’ve enabled Polish on my site and so far so good, but there are a few images that are not being converted.

Now, i know that if resulting image is bigger than original it won’t convert, and i do see this in the header:
cf-polished: origSize=293429, status=webp_bigger

That said, this image is 204kb which is a lot, and if i use a webp online converted the resulting image is 123kb without losing much quality at all.

Now can somebody explain to me why CF couldn’t do that same convert?

Thank you!

Forgot to mention, polish is set to “lossy”

What a beautiful community

Cloudflare has to do the conversion differently from what an online converter can, it has way less time so it can do way less steps meaning the conversion is less effective. You could always upload WebP files yourself and use HTML tags to serve them separately.

These numbers don’t align, too. So your server might also be sending a different file.

Thanks! :smiley: