Images not appearing on mobile devices

On, images appear fine on desktop but not on mobile. I have Mirage activated and have deactivated all WordPress image optimization such as Imagify, JetPack & WC Speed Drain Repair. I’ve purged everything on Cloudflare and we do use the free service.

At this point, I’ve exhausted my knowledge of Cloudflare functions. Any advice would be appreciated.

All images, or just some?

I see some of your PNG images are delivered as a WebP file.

Do you have Polish activated as well?

iOS or Android or either?

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It’s on both Android and iOS. Home page images show fine but other pages they don’t appear. Really strange.

Also, I have disabled ‘all’ settings under the Speed > Optimization page. ARGO is still enabled as I don’t see how that could be an issue.

I went ahead and enabled most of the optimization settings but that didn’t help either, even after purging all cache. What’s strange is the images do appear on the home page but not on the other pages. This only happens in mobile and the site is designed using RWD so there is not a mobile app as it’s loading directly from the website.


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