Images Missing when attack mode is on


I have just integrated our website on Cloudflare, we are on Pro plan. Currently during peak hours (when attack mode is on) the images published during that period are not shown on the site. I have tried purging the cache and even turned on Development mode while publishing, but still the issue is not resolved.
Can anyone tell the solution for this.

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I do not believe it’s due to Cloudflare - 500 origin error (503 actually) from KeyCDN.

Have you contacted them about it?


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It looks like @fritexvz discovered you’re using a CDN…in front of Cloudflare CDN.

As KeyCDN is a pull CDN, it needs to contact your site through Cloudflare to pull requested images, but since you’ve enabled Under Attack Mode, you’ve blocked KeyCDN.

My suggestion would be to stop using KeyCDN (it’s a good service, but not necessary with Cloudflare) and let Cloudflare do what Cloudflare does.

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No I haven’t contacted them yet. It seems KeyCDN and CF attack mode are not working together properly. What if I disable keyCDN, does CF provide a CDN solution??


Oh ok thats what I asked earlier. I am doing this now. Let’s see. Thanks fro your help. Cheers.


I have disabled KeyCDN and the issue has resolved. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

You got it right. Thanks, issue resolved after disabling KeyCDN. :slight_smile:

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