Images missing in chrome

yesterday I moved the site to cloudflare . however I notieced that some of the images are missing only in chrome.

it works perfectly fine in IE and Edge. however many of the images are missing in chrome. I tried to purge few pages but no changes.

can anybody please help me with this issue.


In Chrome and Firefox, the images are missing due to Mixed Content:


Thanks Sdayman,

however I can see the lock and everything is perfect. also it works perfectly fine in explorer and Edge. only facing issue with Chrome. tried with different laptops and see same issue in chrome.

can you open at your end? and check once in both chrome and IE.




Open the developer tools in Google Chrome (press F12) and reload your page. Under the ‘Console’ tab of the dev tools (the right hand side) you’ll see if the resources are being blocked. Google Chrome has just started blocking the loading of HTTP-served assets on HTTPS sites.

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the issue is resolved as sdayman suggested the issue was with mixed content and saul helped me to check the same using console. I installed cloudflare plugging and it resolved the issue

thanks for both of you

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