Images missing for two particular site members both Chrome and Safari ( fixed only when bypassing cloudflare cache)

Hi guys,

I am baffled. There are two of our website members in rural towns in Australia who are missing a lot of pictures in both Chrome (incognito) and Safari (private sessions). It is not really location issue as we checked with another member in same rural town and images came back fine for them. They claim to have repeatedly cleared their browser, turned off images etc. All images appeared fine when we bypassed Cloudflare cache so it is definitely to do with Cloudflare. We have purged all cache from our end too. Because the images also missing in Chrome, this is not webp issues.
Any idea how to help these members?

It’s best for them to open up their browser’s Dev Tools (F12 in Chrome, and Opt-Cmd-i in Safari) and check the Network tab and Console tab for information about the non-loading images.

Hello. Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately these issues are only happening on their IPhones. The images are appearing ok in laptops. These members are not tech savvy either. Any idea how to troubleshoot for iphones chrome?

I must have missed that in your post. iPhone browsers are based on Safari, even if it’s “Chrome” or “Firefox”, so it’s most likely a WebP issue. I bet you’re doing a WebP conversion at the origin (the site itself).

Hello thanks for the reply. Ok, that makes sense.
Yes, we use Imagify plugin. I have deactivated this, cleared cache and purge the Cloudflare cache.
I have the Polish webp on, and Mirage on too.
Is there anything else I can do to fix these webp issues? e.g do I need to delete actual webp files generated by Imagify?

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