Images locked down by CloudFlare CDN


The images on my site are being blocked an locked when directly accessed using http. They are ok with https. Last year I set up redirect from http to https. The images remain locked down, even when accessed with https, until I do a ‘Purge Cache’ in CDN setup. Is there a setting that will allow direct access to images with http without causing them to lock down?

Google trawls the site for links and directly for images, when it tries to access the images, but is reporting many errors due to inaccessible images.

I have Cloudflare CDN as part on my 1&1 Package.

I hope somebody can help.


I’m not sure what you’re describing. Can you provide an example URL?

Hi CSCharff. Thanks very much for your response. I think I’ve sorted it. There was a setting which was Flexible SSL, and it should’ve been Full SSL.


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