Images loading from Wordpress and NOT from Cloudflare


I am trying to install Cloudflare on a Wordpress website (

I have:
-changed the nameservers (using the ones from cloudflare)
-installed the official Cloudflare plugin, activated it, entered the API key.

Then I went to Chrome dev. tools and inspect any image on my website, the url is always: AND NOT

Actually, the site is slower than before…

Also, the HTML does not seem to be minified!

Is that normal?


Why should it be that? Where did you get the impression from such a URL existed at all?

You seem to have quite a few issues with your HTML syntax, which is probably why Cloudflare cant minify it

Then, Cloudflare mostly only removes whitespaces. If you want more than that you should minify the code on your own.

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When you’re on Cloudflare, any static file will automatically be cached at the original URL. You can see this with a cf-cache-status header for that resource’s HTTP Response Header.

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