Images load half a minute after the website loads

Starting yesterday, the images load with a delay of about half a minute.
After a lenghty discussion with out hosting provider, we have narrowed it don to a cloudflare issue, more to the point - RocketLoader.
If we disable rocket loader on the website, the website loads slowy, but it loads fully, there is no delay for images.
The website is built on wordpress and also has REDIS cache enabled via LITESPEED CACHE plugin.
As I said, the problem started yesterday and it never happened before.
Does anyone know what to do?

Hi Adrian,

If it’s really down to Cloudflare, there are some steps you can take to address this:

  1. Firstly, check your Cloudflare dashboard’s Page Rules section. Ensure you have a Caching rule configured with the Cache Level set to Cache Everything. This can optimize caching and potentially alleviate delays.

  2. Consider Cloudflare features like Polish, specifically designed to enhance image performance. Polish works specifically for images hosted on your origin server, applying compression and optimization techniques to reduce image load times.

  3. Another feature to explore is Mirage, which optimizes any image across your website. Mirage can be beneficial for improving image loading performance globally.

You could also look at Cloudflare Image Optimization · Cloudflare Image Optimization docs there are a few other ways to optimise even further.

This should be able to help out with the image loading delays you’ve been experiencing.