Images from external server get broken or don't load after activating ssl


External images from an external server don’t load or get broken after I activate SSL

sample image url:

Can anybody help? Thanks

What exactly is that supposed to mean? You are not saying you are using Cloudflare “for” SSL, right? That would not work.

Plus what’s the domain?

Hi Thank you for the reply. I am trying to say that exactly.

Then you need to go back to square one and first make sure you have a valid SSL setup on your server.

I have checked the setup. I only happens with cloudflare’s ssl and not with other ones from comodo fr example.

So do you have a certificate on your server or not?

yes I have installed the origin CA certificate from ssl and the domain is set to use full / full (strict) mode

It should be “Full strict” but in that case it’s fine. What’s the URL where you experience the issue? ------this has the issue

You have a srcset attribute there which seems to override the src attribute. You likely need to fix this, but this does not seem to be a Cloudflare issue but rather something with your HTML code. I’d suggest you pause Cloudflare for now and check if the issue still occurs in that case (just keep in mind with an Origin certificate you’ll get an SSL warning, but you can ignore that for the time being when paused).

hi, thanks. Is there no option other than disabling.

Not disabling, pausing. But you probably don’t need to do this anyhow, as the issue come straight from your server I am afraid. There’s some issue with your HTML code.

I even got some mixed content

Check out how you generate your code and in particular pay attention to the URLs you generate and to the src and srcset attributes.

ok. Thanks

IMHO you broke your srcsets somehow and have invalid URLs there, but that’s now a bit beyond the scope of the forum here already. Just as something you could check out. Details should be clarified on a forum more suited for web development.

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