Images from API not being retrieved

Is there a rule to bypass everything and go directly to the server to retrieve files? I tried some of the rules and none of them are retrieving the photos I need for an API I have.

This API uses a JAVA Applet which is on another server to retrieve images and generate videos. It is not downloading the images.

I debugged the server itself and by pass the applet altogether and the server itself will retrieve the images; it has to be something to do with the security and not liking the Applet.

I have the IP for that server added to the white list as well.

You’d have to hit the server’s IP address directly. Either by plugging in the IP address itself, or adding a :grey: A Record for a specially set up subdomain to your DNS and call that URL instead.

Is it possible you have Hotlinking disabled? It’s under the Scrape Shield tab at Cloudflare.

Hot linking is not enabled; I will go the sub domain route :grey: to bypass Cloudflare. Thanks.

As I’m thinking about a Rules approach, it could be a matter of setting a rule to Disable Security. I’ve opted for this in the past when I see a Firewall Event (under Cloudflare’s Firewall tab) for a specific asset.

While you’re at it, if Disable Security isn’t working, try disabling Performance, Apps, etc. for anything that might interfere. Which ones have you tried?

I tried disabling all as many that dealt with security. Unless you have to wait until after setting up rules – it was easier to just setup a sub domain (done) and working.

Thanks for all the suggests and replies. I am almost there, where I can just let this run without anymore tweaks.