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my main site is site1dotcom and I have 2 domain registered in cf, site1dotcom and site2dotcom which have the same server pointing to 1 IP.

If I change all my images to site2dotcom domain

and If I try to purge cache the site1dotcom will the images cache will be uncached? which is my images are all already pointing to site2dotcom ??


sorry i forgot add that my purpose of this is, I don’t want to purge my images cache


Domains like e.g., and are standardized as example domains, such as for use in e.g. documentation, and, like in your case if you are not actually sharing a real domain name.

The two domains you refer to as Site 1 ( and Site 2 ( will have two independent caches.

You won’t be able to transfer the cache between sites, so if you’re currently loading from the Site 1, e.g. https://example.COM/image.png, and that you are changing that in your HTML to become Site 2 (https://example.ORG/image.png), Site 2 ( will first have to build up it’s cache up again from ground zero.

Clearing the cache on Site 1 ( won’t affect the stuff that is being cached on Site 2 ( and vice versa.

No matter which website/domain you put HTML like this on:

<img src="https://example.ORG/image.png">

It would make the important domain for the image cache become example.ORG alone.

Purging caches on domains other than example.ORG would therefore NOT be affecting the image cache.

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