Images doesn't show

my images on my website doesn’t show up in but without the www it shows all im new to Cloudflare

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They do appear to show up fine on www

Maybe a caching issue on your end.

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i have other theme that doesnt show all images on www

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You need to post a link where it is actually reproducible.

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i set the theme as default you can look it again

Thats a CORS issue, load the site with the developer tools open and check out the console messages. You are loading these font files from your naked domain.

can i fix this by doing custom purge?

Thats not a caching issue, thats a CORS issue which you need to address on your server.

Precisely, what I mentioned earlier. At this point any decent search engine will be your friend :slight_smile:

i have fixed the problem all images show to www but without the www it doesnt show now hahaha

Because you apparently only change the paths to include www, which is why it now loads there. The issue is still there you need to address the CORS issue. Alternatively you can redirect everything to www using a page rule.

yes redirect, i just saw a thread about this same forum. thanks for helping.

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