Images do not Load, JS Missing Issues


Adding a new site and having multiple issues and need some help.

  1. Images do not load. See this code from our site after adding to Cloudfare. The src in the code below is not correct. Why?

  1. We also have some js not loading or being blocked by the service. Also product pages variants/options selectors do not work - again because of missing javascript. Not sure what to do here?

I have to revert the nameservers because of these issues so we can remain in business.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

this is the formatt of the src: data-src="//

If Cloudflare is the cause, reverting NS is not good for debugging. But you also have not provided any Domain/URL so we can not inspect it.

The “//” just means, the URL is a protocol-relative URL which matches the scheme of the URL is gets called from. This should not create any problems.

Hello M4rt1, I will change them back in the am and post here to debug.


You are welcome. Just tell us right after you changed them back, so we can have a look at it ASAP.

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